Soggetto.Oggetto born with a new idea of ​​the woman, sensual, modern, dynamic, always in step with the times without ever transcending.
Contemporary, ironic, sensual; perfect to capture all the details of the lifestyle Soggetto.Oggetto.
The brand is thus revealed in a short time the undisputed icon of modern originality and creativity.
A combination of tradition, innovation and creative research to experience art in the quality of a product
Made in Italy.

The company makes leather bags and accessories, high quality and strictly made entirely by hand by selected and qualified artisans. In the collections the focus is to detail the search for new forms of ever new combinations and new materials with colors and original finishes..The brand expresses a concept Stile Italiano ricercato, an aesthetic culture in creating unique items, made of leather, fabrics and quality materials.All items are Made in Italy 100%, marketed products include handbags and small leather goods, and in 2013 even t-shirt collections and scarves.Since the birth of the brand, there is a collaboration with the artist Marcello Scarselli, painter and sculptor, author of forms and figures which are then reproduced in many collections

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