creates leather bags and accessories , high quality strictly handmade by skilled Italian artisans. In the collections the focus is to detail , looking for new forms with combinations of different materials and colors always with new and original finishes.
The brand expresses a concept of Italian styling, aesthetic culture in creating a “soggetti-oggetti” only made ​​by selected staff and using skins and fine materials. All items are rigorously Made in Italy.

From birth , there has been close collaboration with the artist Marcello Scarselli, painter and sculptor, author of forms and figures which are then reported in some collections of leather goods (ex. collection Poplia, Mascart) and clothing Foulard and T-shirt).  The art in fashion makes the balanced products in composition and color harmony.


The marketed products include  handbags , belt , small leather , and from 2013 also collections of T-shirt and Foulard. Each season models , colors and materials are renewed thanks to the continuous research of style and creativity of the staff ofSoggetto.Oggetto.

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